Ten Common Career Change Mistakes

Ten Common Career Change Mistakes

    1. Investing money in further education without being sure you’re pursuing the right career.
    2. Quitting your job without having a plan.
    3. Changing careers altogether when you’re burnt out; you still like your work but dislike your current employer.
    4. Making a career change because you “should”, or for the money/benefits.
    5. Limiting your networking to the people that are in your close circle of friends.
    6. Choosing or changing careers based solely on family advice or expectations.
    7. Going on interviews for your new career without crafting a new resume or personal marketing message.
    8. Jumping at the first career option that’s offered to you, out of desperation.
    9. Deciding on a path without exploring all the possibilities and identifying your true interests, abilities, and work values.
    10. Investigating a longer-term career change, including possibly schooling, without also considering solid financial planning and advice to see you through the transition.


What’s the biggest career mistake you’ve seen, or made?


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